Are you looking for the best present?
Choose our GIFT VOUCHER!

A unique gift!

Many times you don't really know what present can you get for someone who has everything, but giving an escape room experience you're giving an unforgettable experience.
We can assure your present will be original, funny, extraordinary and special.

No expiry date!

Yep! No expiry date, so you all won't have to agree on an especific date.
But of course do remember you will still need to make a booking! In order to do so please call or text us on +34 633085732, by email at: or here.

Up to 6 people

Your group can be of up to 6 people. And if you're more, don't you worry! Buying 2 Gift Vouchers you can be up to 12 people divided in our two rooms and duel each other to see who escapes before! Who's up some competitiveness? 🙂

is KEY!

In its physical format it comes wrapped as a scroll with a red ribbon and inside of a wooden and glass smart box.
In its digital format it comes as a very nice and printable pdf. You will amaze anyone with it!


If you don't wish to move from home and want to deal yourself with the presentation.

Desde tan solo…


If you wish us to prepare the gift as a scroll with a red ribbon in a wooden and glass tiny box

Desde tan solo…

Ok, I WANT IT! How do I purchase it?

Easy peasy! You just have click on the button «Comprar bono regalo» aquí abajo y se abrirá tu cuenta de email por defecto. Nos puedes mandar un email con el asunto «Bono regalo», y en el cuerpo nos puedes dejar si quieres tu número de teléfono, por si necesitamos llamarte.

We will send you then all the information you need to purchase it without moving from home via bank transfer, otherwise we will let you know when can you stop by our premises to pay and take it with you. That's up to you!