At this point we should maybe assume you already know what an escape room is... right?
Still don't know? Okay! We will explain it to you:

An escape roomis a themed room where a group of 2-6 people get locked in. You'll need to solve puzzles and riddles with just the help of common sense, logic and your own intuition so you can get to escape in less than 60 minutes!

Nope. We are sorry to let you know you shall stay locked in there forever and ever...



Nah, jokes aside, not everyone gets to escape. Approximately, after more than 500 groups, the percentage of success is somewhere around 70%, and if you can't escape, no worries, we will open the door anyway when time's up.

Should any group be late, up to 10 minutes, that time will be discounted from the hour you normally got. In case of arriving later than 10 minutes, unfortunately your booking will be cancelled, based on respect for other groups. Do call us if you expect to be late. We always recommend you to be there 10 minutes before the booking time, as there are some previous explanations for the game.

From 2 years old (accompanied by an adult of course... We mean, if you escape at that age without an adult, don't you worry about paying, it's on us!), until 999 (if you feel good enough 🙂 )

Not even a bit! You're here just to have fun and squeeze your brain.

No worries, we will be in contact with you at all times, and you will be monitored via CCTV. Door can be opened at any time and even if you wish, door can be left open, but just for fun you guys still need to find the way to escape.

You can do it here, by email to or calling +34 633085732. We also take reservations via Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp!

Of course! But we would be grateful if you could let us know at least 48 hours in advance and always calling +34 633 08 57 32.

Our place is fully adapted for people with reduced movility and you are not required to make any physical effort, but mental 🙂